Jesse Winchester Lyrics

  "Have you talked to Jesse Winchester?  You canít talk about the best songwriters and not include him.Ē   ~ Bob Dylan  
bullet A Fool (For The Look In Your Eye)
bullet A Little Louisiana
bullet All That We Have Is Now
bullet A Showman's Life
bullet All Of Your Stories
bullet As Soon As I Get On My Feet
bullet A Touch On The Rainy Side


bullet Baby Blue
bullet Biloxi
bullet Black Dog
bullet Bless Your Foolish Heart
bullet Blow On Chilly Wind
bullet Bowling Green


bullet Candida
bullet Club Manhattan


bullet Damned If You Do
bullet Dangerous Fun
bullet Defying Gravity
bullet Devil Or Angel
bullet Didn't We Shine
bullet Do It
bullet Do La Lay
bullet Don't Be Shy


bullet Eulalie
bullet Every Word You Say
bullet Everybody Knows But Me
bullet Every Day I Get The Blues
bullet Evil Angel


bullet Far Side Bank Of Jordan
bullet Freewheeler
bullet Full Moon


bullet Gentleman Of Leisure
bullet Ghosts
bullet Get It Right One Day
bullet Gilding The Lilly
bullet Glory To The Day
bullet God's Own Jukebox


bullet Hank And Lefty
bullet High Ball
bullet Holly
bullet Hoot And Holler
bullet How About You
bullet How Far To The Horizon?
bullet Humour Me


bullet I Can't Stand Up Alone
bullet I Don't Think You Love Me Anymore
bullet I Love You No End
bullet I Want To Mean Something To You
bullet I Turn To My Guitar
bullet I Wave Bye Bye
bullet If I Were Free
bullet If Only
bullet I'm Gonna Miss You Girl
bullet I'm Looking For A Miracle
bullet Isn't That So
bullet It Just Makes Me Want You More
bullet It Takes A Young Girl
bullet It Takes More Than A Hammer
And Nails
bullet It's A Shame About Him


bullet Just Cause I'm In Love With You
bullet Just Like New
bullet Just Now It Feels Right
bullet Just So Much



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bullet L'aire De La Louisianne
bullet Laisse Les Bons Temps Rouler
bullet Lay Down Your Burden
bullet Leslie
bullet Let Go
bullet Let The Rough Side Drag
bullet Let's Make A Baby King
bullet Little Glass Of Wine
bullet Lonely For A While
bullet Loose Talk
bullet Love Is Fair


bullet Midnight Bus
bullet Mississippi, You Are On My Mind
bullet My Song Bird


bullet Neither Here Nor There
bullet Never Forget To Boogie
bullet No Pride At All
bullet North Star
bullet Nothing But A Breeze


bullet O What A Thrill


bullet Payday
bullet Pharaoh's Army
bullet Pourquoi M'Aimes-Tu Pas?
bullet Pushover


bullet Quiet About It


bullet Reckon On Me
bullet Rhumba Man
bullet Rhythm Of The Rain
bullet Rosie Shy


bullet Say What
bullet Sassy
bullet Seems Like Only Yesterday
bullet Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding
bullet She Makes It Easy Now
bullet Silly Heart
bullet Skip Rope Song
bullet Snow
bullet Stand By Me
bullet Step By Step
bullet Sure Enough
bullet Sweet Little Shoe
bullet Sweet Loving Daddy


bullet Talk Memphis
bullet Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt
bullet Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt (2)
bullet Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt (3)
bullet Thanks To You
bullet That's The Touch I Like
bullet That's What Makes You Strong
bullet The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
bullet The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (2)
bullet The Easy Way
bullet The End Is Not In Sight
bullet The Only Show In Town
bullet The Nudge
bullet They Just Can't Help Themselves
bullet Third Rate Romance
bullet Too Weak To Say Goodbye
bullet Twigs And Seeds


bullet Wake Me
bullet Wander My Way Home
bullet Wear Me Out
bullet Well-A-Wiggy
bullet Whispering Bells
bullet Willow
bullet Wintry Feeling
bullet Working In The Vineyard


bullet Yankee Lady
bullet You Remember Me
bullet You Tickle Me




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