All That We Have Is Now


Well-ll it was springtime when we married
Here comes January
Bring on the ice and storm
Cause we got love to keep us warm
But don't keep winter waiting
I know let's go skating
All that we have is now

So let's just play together
In whatever weather
Sunshine in the park
We'll tell ghost stories when it's dark
And laugh to hide the fear
And cry a perfect tear
Cause all that we have is now

Oh my my, look at the time fly
Sorry I really have to run
Oh I just love being with you
Really the whole thing was such fun

The sun is going down
There's shadows all around
And I feel more than wine
We must do this again sometime
But I can't tell you when
But what a joy it's been
All that we have is now

Well I wanted more somehow
But all that we have is now
That's it
Baby all that we have is now

A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble

2014 Jesse Winchester            "All That We Have Is Now"
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