Just Cause I'm In Love With You


It's true, you've got me going round in circles
You keep me so darned dizzy I could cry
But every time you hurt me I grow a little stronger
I'll soon be strong enough to say goodbye

And it will be so good to smile
Gee, it's been a long, long while
After all that I've been through
Just cause I'm in love with you
But there will come a day, you'll see
You won't have control of me
You can't hurt me like you do
Just cause I'm in love with you

I'll ask whatever saint looks after lovers
I'll ask her, would you please look after me
And would you kindly hear my prayer, and have a little mercy
Please if she doesn't love me, set me free

Gentleman Of Leisure

1999 Jesse Winchester      "Just Cause I'm In Love With You"
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