Sweet Loving Daddy


Milan is an easy drive from Brownsville
Traffic's nothing but a truck or two
I would drive with one arm out the window
And O, the other arm was holding you
It was my idea we go steady
All that you would say was "Well, we'll see"
Who dreamed you'd be taking a downtown man
For a sweet loving daddy like me?

So I moved to Milan and got married
And I became the happy family man
Until I got this feeling you were restless
But resting wasn't really in your plan
No, breaking peoples' hearts, you must be moving
Cheating keeps you busy as a bee
And here you were taking a downtown man
For a sweet loving daddy like me

It got so that I moved back to Brownsville
O what else was I supposed to do?
When all our friends in Milan were all your friends
And I could tell they all took up for you
But my guess is that pretty boy don't love you
My guess is he's gonna set you free
How could you have taken a downtown man
For a good loving daddy
A true loving daddy
A sweet loving daddy like me?

Gentleman Of Leisure

1999 Jesse Winchester             "Sweet Loving Daddy"
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