Wander My Way Home


You take a cab in this big city
You're a fool to walk alone
They won't be happy with your wallet
No, they want to pick your bones
I asked a man for directions
Thinking maybe he would know, he said

Go straight, you can't miss it
But you've got a ways to go
If you get lost, Mister just keep moving
No matter what, you carry on
You may stumble into heaven
You may wander your way home

See, coming up, the streets are one way
And they're one way going down
I been up and down em all ways
I been all the way cross town
I asked a woman for directions
Hoping maybe she would know, she said

Say, is this here the Garden Parkway?
Is this the highway home?
If I get back, boy, I'm going to stay back
And never, ever roam
I asked a child for directions
On a chance that he would know, he said

Gentleman Of Leisure

1999 Jesse Winchester            "Wander My Way Home"
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