I was tuning in the six o'clock newscast
And the weather man mentioned snow
As soon as I heard that four-letter word
I was making my plans to go
If I was a bird I would fly back South
A bear I would go to sleep
Anything rather than hang around here
When the snow starts getting deep

Now you know what they say about snow flakes
How there ain't no two the same
Well, all them flakes look alike to me
Every one is a dirty shame
My ears are cold
My feet are cold
Bermuda stays on my mind
And I'm here to say that if winter comes
Then spring is a ways behind

I don't have no heavy hip boots
I don't have no furry hat
I don't have no long-john underwear
No layer of protective fat
I'd take a plane right to sunny Spain
Oh, but I don't have the dough
But I'd build a bridge and I'd walk there
To get away from all that snow
Oh, I'd build a bridge and walk there
To get away from all that snow

Jesse Winchester

  1970 Jesse Winchester & Robbie Robertson                         "Snow"
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