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Live 1966 In SF

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 Jesse Winchester's Studio (2005)
  "There are now two* illegal CDs of my music being sold publicly, blatantly. I'm like you, dear reader - always looking for the best in people, slow to believe the worst - but the crooks who do this threaten to impede my spiritual progress. They undermine my childlike, trusting nature. One CD is titled "Defying Gravity", peddled by a company called AIM. They add to the insult by misspelling my name on the cover. The other CD, released just recently on the Acrobat label, is titled "Live" (not to be confused with "Live from Mountain Stage" on the Blue Plate label, which is legitimate and, of course, sublime). Both CDs are of very poor quality, so you'll be missing nothing if you refuse to reward thievery by buying them. I told the people selling these things - Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others - that I'm disappointed in them, that they're hastening the end of civilization, opening the gates to the Visigoths, but they were "like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear." Perhaps one day AIM and Acrobat and Amazon, and others who would steal from a childlike, trusting songwriter, will see the mills of the gods in action - how they "grind slow, but they grind exceeding small." Something to look forward to."
   Jesse Winchester                                     *(10 bootlegs and counting)

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