Seems Like Only Yesterday (Live 1976)


Real Gone Music 2015

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Liner Notes




1976 Rolling Stone Review





Album Credits


  • Jesse Winchester - Guitar, Piano, Vocals

  • Bobby Cohen - Lead Guitar

  • Ron Dann - Pedal Steel Guitar

  • Marty Harris - Bass

  • Dave Lewis - Drums


Seems Like Only Yesterday—Live in Montreal 1976 presents the radio broadcast that marked the first time anyone in the United States had heard Jesse Winchester perform live since his exile in Canada began in 1967 (it was also the first-ever live show broadcast internationally on stereo FM radio).

Liner Notes: Gene Sculatti

Reissue Design: Claire Morales

Cover courtesy of Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Other photos courtesy of Freetown Collection/Cache Agency

Remastered by Mike Milchner/SonicVision

Reissue Produced by Gordon Anderson





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